Based out of Kitchener-Waterloo, Midnight Shift is an alternative rock band made up of four unique individuals with diverse backgrounds in music. After jamming to countless records from Bill Withers, The Bee Gees, Amy Winehouse, and more, the band quickly established their sound, merging elements of funk, soul and wholehearted rock & roll to offer a new but familiar sound that appeals to a variety of listeners. Midnight Shift makes music characterized by tight harmonies, vibrant energy, and surprising elements of brass, making for an incredibly energetic and memorable live experience complimented by the band’s charming group chemistry. When they aren’t cruising the night streets in shopping carts, Midnight Shift is playing both locally and around Southern Ontario.

Rachel Hickey
Lead Vocals + Tambourine

Likes mom jeans, dislikes sweaty bangs. Most likely to spill water all over the set list. Perpetually caffeinated. “Is this gluten free?”

Bryce Lynas
Guitar + Vocals

Has a smile so charming you could cry. Professional string snapper. One time he had a sleepover with Alex.

Anton Dolgovykh
Bass + Synth + Sax + Vocals

Professional loop pedaler, owns more board games than everyone in the band combined. Secretly a grandfather.

Alex Schmidt
Drums + Comedy

Most likely to have a bag of ketchup chips in hand. Really knows how to hit a box.